“It  is a pleasure to work with Terri Black.  The response time was great and the solutions were always top notch.”

Scott Goehringer ~ CreationProject, LCC

I am a recent Author and having written my first book entitled, ‘Stranger in my Bathtub’, I realized, after a short time, it was necessary to have a website designer and someone that could work with a novice in all areas of setting up one. Therefore, I contacted DT Virtual Services, who was given to me as a referral. They have successfully set up a beautiful website, which is a very comprehensive professional site.

They continue to work with me on several different levels by making it extremely personal and even set up my Pay Pal account so that people from out of the area could order my book and pay with a credit card. Terri is one of the owners and she worked with me to make sure that I had exactly what I needed to have a successful business.

When I spoke of having new cards made to look like the cover of my book she was able to assist with that as well. The website continues to grow as my marketing for new readers’ increases. Pictures, comments and private contact are all now available to those who want to know more about the Author. I would strongly recommend their company to anyone who would like to feel their project is the most important issue they are working on.

Sharon Dumont, Irvine, CA – www.strangerinmybathtub.com

“DT Virtual Services provided a valuable service to Be Safe Plus when we needed help with 3 projects. Terri is efficient, organized & reliable. She is our go-to- person for projects we do not have in-house staff for. Highly Recommended”

Renee Grasso – Be Safe Plus

“Terri has done a terrific job of pulling all our Board Affairs together. She has a strong ability to organize, communicate, and report our Board activities.It is apparent why she is so successful as a virtual services professional. She is an asset to our organization.We are so glad that she joined NJAWBO-Morris & stepped into the Administration position. Thank you, Terri.” February 15, 2011

Hilary Carmen – Oxford Learning Center

“Our Morris Chapter was accustomed to someone filling the role of Secretary, to take minutes at our board meetings. As our chapter rapidly grew, we knew we needed to develop that role into a Vice President of Administration. The only problem was that we never had this job position in the past so there was no clear job description for Terri to fill. As a brand new member of our chapter, Terri was astute enough to realize that coming in not just as a member but serving an active position on the board would be the best way to learn about the organization and gain exposure for her business at the same time. And doing so when the job wasn’t fully defined was an act of sheer bravery. Terri has astounded us with her level of professionalism, proactive work habits and organizational skills. She has volunteered to also be an active member of our Marketing Team, which is equally fantastic, and within a few short hours learned the ins and outs of Constant Contact and took over the task of creating professional looking email campaigns. Terri has demonstrated many administrative skills that have wowed us completely and hope she’ll stay with us for the long haul!” February 15, 2011

Susana Fonticoba – Home & Office Computer Training

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